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Ogg conversion from .WEM files

Trying to extract sound files from Witcher 3. I used quick bms to unpack the sound cache files, which resulted in a bunch of bnk and wem files. I managed to convert the bnk files in ogg using wwise unpacker, then used a standard audio converter (Pazera) to convert from ogg to wav. I tried the same with the wem files, even followed instructions (, but the cmd process stops after a couple of lines and no ogg files were created ( Do these wem files have a specific type of encrypting like the bnk ones? And if so, what can i do to convert them?

Re: Ogg conversion from .WEM files

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Google is your friend:

How about these instructions?
Listen to the music, not the media.
Qualidade em MP3

Re: Ogg conversion from .WEM files

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I think ww2ogg is what you need.

I swear you should be able to do this with ffmpeg but perhaps it is beyond even the program that can play anything.

Re: Ogg conversion from .WEM files

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VGMStream now has native support for WEM archives, so you don't even need to convert them to Ogg files to play them.

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