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Possible to Generate CUE Files from Gaps of Album Image?

Hey Guys -

I have a handful of WavPacks which do not have cuesheets (embedded or separate.)  When loading them in FooBar, is simply lists a single track for the entire album.  My lossless library is based on individual FLAC files, so had planned to convert them to this format, but cannot. 

Is it possible to have a cue generated by simply examining gaps in the album's playback, then potentially tag the generated cue from MusicBrainz or similar?  I figured this would be a built-in option in FooBar and similar apps, but have searched all over and tried a variety of (Windows) applications so far without being able to do so.

I was able to search and find a couple of cues that worked from this database, but the others I need either are in the DB or were for different releases of the album as their track times did not match.  I'd prefer being able to do this from FooBar, but will settle for anything over manually noting the track times during gaps at this point.  ;D

Any suggestions would be appreciated - Thanks!


Re: Possible to Generate CUE Files from Gaps of Album Image?

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I know that both SoX and FFmpeg can split wav files based on silence, but I have never experimented with them. Both programs also handle WavPack files, but I would probably start with wav files just to be safe. Of course, this will result in split wav files which you could then compress with FLAC and tag with Foobar (hopefully automatically).

Of course, if your WavPack files are lossy, then it would be better to keep them like that, but then you would definitely need to create a new cuesheet.  You could start with a cuesheet that was close, and then edit it with a text editor to fix the discrepancies.

A while back I considered creating a wvcue program that would have been able to split WavPack files this way (with silence, and also by a cuesheet), but didn't end up having the time.

Good luck!

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