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SuperFast LAME multi-threaded MP3 encoder

Hi folks,

I just published the 3rd preview release of fre:ac with my SuperFast multi-threading technology. You can download it from GitHub.

This release adds support for multi-threaded LAME MP3 encoding. It scales very well with the number of CPU cores and can achieve a 3.5x speed-up on a quad core CPU. On my i7-6900K, I was able to measure up to 12x speed-up when running with all 16 threads (in most scenarios, however, either decoding or HDD/SSD speed will be a bottleneck before going to such speeds).

Two key points distinguish SuperFast LAME from previous attempts to build multi-threaded MP3 encoders:

  • It keeps the bit-reservoir enabled in order to achieve the same quality as the original encoder.
  • It uses an unmodified LAME encoder library, so the encoder can be swapped out for your own version.

Making it work while keeping the bit-reservoir enabled was actually the greatest challenge. Here is a technical article on how this is implemented: SuperFast LAME technical details

I plan to implement this technology on top of the command line LAME frontend in the future. For now, my priority is on releasing fre:ac 1.1 beta and final versions, though.

Thanks in advance for trying the preview and posting your results and opinions!

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Bravo! I shall try this out in the upcoming weeks and let you know of the results.

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