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Topic: Audiotechnica M30X - Any alternative earpads recommendations? (Read 538 times) previous topic - next topic
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Audiotechnica M30X - Any alternative earpads recommendations?

I got a pair of ATH M30X couple of weeks ago. I'm satisfied about how they sound, and generally like how they sit on the head. But at least one ear doesn't seems to like too much the earpad. I feel that with a slightly larger or more plushy ones they would be perfect.

I was considering trying some memory foam ones from Brainwavz, or some others, but then I started to read that some of them seems to changes the sound quite a bit (which seems reasonable, considering that they may leave more space between the ear and the driver, for example).

So, If anyone have already tried some and want to share results/experiences/recommendations, I'm all ears (pun intended!).

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