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Topic: When Converting Files Using Pipe (Foobar / XMPLay / etc.) (Read 1702 times) previous topic - next topic
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When Converting Files Using Pipe (Foobar / XMPLay / etc.)

Back then, I tried to convert files to WavPack using Foobar2000 but I find that files are created while converting then the files disappear after conversion, making Foobar2000 report the conversion as failed.

So I discovered why this happens.

1. I used a custom command line for encoding
2. I didn't use -i
3. I used -v

If you encounter the same problem, just:
1. Use -i
2. Do not use -v

That fixed the problem :D

Just posting in case someone else is having the same problems as me.

Re: When Converting Files Using Pipe (Foobar / XMPLay / etc.)

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Thanks for posting this...I remember when you reported that issue and I forgot to follow up on it!

I am aware of the requirement for -i when using pipes, so that is not new. However, the -v issue is new. Perhaps there is a timeout in Foobar that is expiring before the verification is complete (because the verification does not start until all the audio has been sent). Anyway, I will check into that when I get a chance and see if I can figure it out. Thanks again!

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