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Topic: Trouble shooting issues with Midi / OSC / MCU / HUI drivers & protocols ? (Read 885 times) previous topic - next topic
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Trouble shooting issues with Midi / OSC / MCU / HUI drivers & protocols ?

since people are quite knowledgable in the realm of audio things on here, maybe there's good ideas for this really annoying problem with many unknowns/factors at play...

I've recently been adding new music studio gear. One of the new pieces has had issues from the get go when installing & getting to run it properly (but the whole process, the software & driver side, felt like an amateur's job in a bad way as well, and the only solution was a firmware update from the manufacturer which interestingly enough is not available publicly... another story of audio gear fun though....).
Now either the installation of the new unit's piece or the following trouble shooting (by de-activating all other midi drivers methodically) has caused old drivers, speciifically Liine's Lemur Daemon (which pushes device communication through wifi connection, then passes it through a virtual midi cable [loopMidi] into the DAW [I've never been a big fan of this, but it's the only way to have an affordable touch screen, an iPad, integrated as a control surface for VSTs & DAW pieces...]) to break this previously working setup.
Unfortunately, multiple re-installs of the same (as well as removing the new device again the trouble started with...) has had no effect, and the issue with the Daemon, which is the central communication hub and has no built in trouble shooting / logging functionality) remains broken rendering the gear useless.

There's other people with the exact same problem (so it could as well be a windows update that has caused this coincidentally at the same time):
Unfortunately no reply from Liine, the developer on the above, and they have been ignoring direct emails to support as well.

And, here's also a thread from yesterday where I was trying to get ideas from the KVR community:
without much success other than suggesting the deinstall/reinstall approach which I have already done multiple times...

If anyone has ideas/tips/solutions on how to trouble shoot / log / analyze this in a better way, let me know please.

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