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Slow speed ripping cd

I am getting very slow speed when I rip a cd on my Windows 8 system which is a HP Pavillon, the CD/DVD drive is SW820.

When I rip a cd using Foobar2000, the speed I am getting is 1.3x, then I used a USB3 external portable drive, then I get 17x, thinking the drive is bad, I used the same cd but ripped using EAC and got a speed of 10x on the SW820, which is not bad I assume the drive is ok. It looks like Foobar doesn't like this drive, is there anything I can do with Foobar to make it go faster with this drive? I am already using the latest version 1.3.16.

Re: Slow speed ripping cd

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As you noticed correctly, RIP speed depends greatly (among other factors coming from the CD you rip) on the hardware and firmware of the drive you are using. I had an old Plextor DVD writer that could read CDs at maximum speed (i.e.: 40x or so), while a more recent LG BluRay Writer can read audio CDs at a speed of 1 or so it seems.
Now is that a question of quality, as one might thing? AFAIK it's mostly not, because music interest groups enforced that drive manufacturers make their drives slow when ripping audio CDs. Or maybe the other way round: The faster a drive can rip audio CDs, the higher the fee the manufacturer has to pay to music industry.
(Most people aren't aware that for every hard disk, CD-R, printer, copier or memory card the music industry receives some fee, because we all all bad and make pirated copies ;-))

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