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Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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Have you tried simulating it by setting the RMS color to black and regular color to dark gray?
Yes, it makes no big difference, the sharp edges are still there.

Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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how can I temporarily DISABLE the components waveform generation?

Atm, I work wtih huge files on a network drive which is not the fastest.
It takes about 10-30 seconts per file to scan.

I have enabled "abort seekbar generation... realtime", but its not aborting and I don't want the generation to be started at all.

The option "track to prefer, when showing waveform" does not have a good solution for me. (I need to switch between playing, skipping, playing other sounds, etc.)

I just like to disable the generation completely, but it seems not to be possible w/o uninstalling?

A right-click option "✔ disalble waveform generation" on the wavebar panel would be nice. (as a feature request)

As well as this:
I'm wondering too, if you could put the preferences "track to prefer when showing waveform" to the contextmenu (when rightclicking on the waveform), so users can switch fastly and do not need to open prefs, change setting, press ok, and change it back when needed, and open the prefs again for it..
I often like to change to "selected track", while my default setting is "playing, selected when stopped", but I don't want to stop the music ;-)) It could be faster to accomplish, with rightclick on waveform and quickly click one of the four entries.

Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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how can I temporarily DISABLE the components waveform generation?
There's "Halt minibar processing" setting under the Library menu. It predates the context menu and I haven't yet remembered to add it there.

Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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New version out that includes the track preference selection and processing halting in the context menu. There are also some fixes.


Re: Waveform Minibar (mod)

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You are top class! Thank you! Tested and it is now working "as it should". ;-)
(It is great, that the cursor is moving while the generation is turned off!)

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