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EAC Rips Self-Delete

I have been a long-time user of EAC to compress to FLAC, and I recently installed version 1.3. I've configured drive and compression options. My ripped files seem to be self-deleting.

To test this, when ripping a disc to FLAC, I keep Windows Explorer open. I see the WAV file being created as the file is read, then the compression is applied successfully (I see a completed track name and file size after the tmp file disappears), and after the disc moves on to the next file, the first track is deleted. To troubleshoot, I tried just ripping the disc to WAV format, and the same thing happened - the file self-deleted. Yet... the log indicates that the rip completed successfully.

Additional troubleshooting: if I only rip one or two tracks from the disc, they remain saved (works fine either uncompressed WAV or compressed FLAC). This self-deleting file issue only appears to be occurring when I rip an entire disc.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this? I'm scratching my head!

Win 10/x64 system

Re: EAC Rips Self-Delete

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That was a new 1 to me. :O

Using Win10 on 2 machines with EAC and i don't have any issues at all.


Re: EAC Rips Self-Delete

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There's a delete wav after compression checkbox, but eac itself shouldn't be deleting anything else.

The external flac encoder has 2 delete options (i think)
--delete-input-file which would do the same as EAC (but this one might better in comparison)
--verify (this is my, i think) I believe if it detects any error, it will delete the output file afterwards and give out an error.

Other than that I don't know what else would cause deletes,
And your "additional troubleshooting" makes it more puzzling...
Full Disk? Bad Disk, or Disk soon to go bad?

I guess running a chkdsk on that hard drive might not be a bad idea.

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