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Unity 3D audioclip

Hi All,

I am new to this forum and really want your help on this.

In unity 3D C#, I record user voice via microphone as audio clip. How can I save this audio clip using this library CUETools.Codecs.FLAKE.dll or CUETools.Codecs.dll.

I am using c# code, which I can add these dlls in my project but could find an example how to save this clip into lossless format like flac.

I am able to save it in wav however, it is too big and I want the smaller size but an acceptable quality. I though that I might have to convert this wav into flac using these dlls, but still don't see a c# code example to learn from.

Thank you for your help and sorry if this is a very newbie question.

Re: Unity 3D audioclip

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I have the same needs. Anybody may share some resources? Thanks a million!

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