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Help with runcmd accessing "Convert" in context menu needed

Hi guys.  I have runcmd working to do most things but there is one step I need which I cannot get right.

I am setting up a batch file to step through a folder structure of root/artist/album.  Each album folder will have a [cue + single flac file] setup.  Whenever Foobar encounters a folder with a cue file in it I want it to then Convert to a set of individual track files in a target folder then move them back to the original folder.  That seemed the easiest course to take as I couldn't see a way of resetting the Destination for each conversion.

I can get every other step to work fine but I can't get Foobar to access the Right Click -> Convert function -> Last Used functionality.  Is this actually possible with runcmd?  I did find:
Context menu commands can be run via the command line using one of the following parameters:  foobar2000.exe /runcmd-files=<pattern> <list of files> foobar2000.exe /runcmd-playlist=<pattern> foobar2000.exe /runcmd-playing=<pattern>
...but that didn't seem to help either.  What am I missing or getting wrong?

Re: Help with runcmd accessing "Convert" in context menu needed

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Well, I couldn't solve this one I'm afraid.  I had to convert my whole music library, one album at a time, manually.  Would you want to do that with your whole music store?  Foobar2000 did the job magnificently but it is a bit of a downer to know that it may have been able to automate the process and I just couldn't see how to tell it to.

If anyone gets an inkling as to how to do this I would still appreciate the heads up.  It will come in useful in the future for me and maybe a few others too.


Re: Help with runcmd accessing "Convert" in context menu needed

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Can't help you with the original runcmd question (though it may very well be impossible), but why did you do your conversion one album at a time? You can drag all your single image albums to a playlist and run the conversion on them in one step. You just need to use proper output setting to get the files where you want.

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