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in_opus for Winamp 2 compatible player

Is there an in_opus.dll available?  I need one for another player that supports Winamp 2 and early Winamp 5 input plugins.  Cheers.


Re: in_opus for Winamp 2 compatible player

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I found this one but it only works for later versions of Winamp 5.   I need this modified to work with earlier Winamp 5 or Winamp 2.  This is due to a player that I developed (in Delphi) many years ago to support Winamp input plugins for decoding.  I don't know how to modify it to work with later input plugins.

I've been trying to contact thinktink with personal messages in the Winamp forum and his Skype contact, but no response for over a week.

If the source code is available, I'm willing to pay for the required changes at a good hourly rate.  It shouldn't take much work, but I'm no good with C/C++ languages.


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