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MP3 file analyzer tool?


I remember using (ages ago) a tool that analyzed a MP3 file and detected the used encoder, parameters used (some of them, like joint stereo etc...) and together with the bitrate gave a quick assessment whether the file is junk, good, or "near CD" (ignoring the source of course).

Does anyone remember that tools name? Are maybe there other similar tools (maybe supporting other codecs, knowing if an AAC file was encoded with some old version of faac or latest iTunes...)?


Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?

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I guess you are searching for EncSpot Pro

Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?

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Open file in foobar2000, select track and right click, select properties, look at details.

Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?

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There's also Fakin' the Funk, which was launched recently. You can find info about it here on Hydrogen Audio. It determines whether the file was encoded as, say, 128 kpbs mp3 and then changed to 320 kpbs. I found it to be quite useful.
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Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?

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So, I took a MP3 with 192kbps CBR, converted it to WAV with dither applied. I used this file to create 2 MP3 files using the V0 and 320kbps CBR setting.

This is the result.

Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?

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There's also Spectro ~
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Re: MP3 file analyzer tool?

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Coindidentally, I couldn't help wondering how much of an algorithm similar to the one detailed in this paper, in the field of forensics, could be useful in identifying what its authors call "up transcoded MP3", were it to be embeded into one such utility.
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