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[help needed] Audio CD Writer - Burninate::IMAPIv2.0

New to plugins, just discovered they and started to play.  Looks really useful.

Anyone know somewhere safe to from which to d/l the XP version of the Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPIv2.0) update package needed to run  Burninate cuz it's no longer available from the M$ url listed on the Audio CD Writer page?

I'd really appreciate getting hold of a copy so's I can burn some CDs more easily

Thanks in advance

Re: [help needed] Audio CD Writer - Burninate::IMAPIv2.0

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Thank you very much.  Really appreciate your kind assistance :)

Re: [help needed] Audio CD Writer - Burninate::IMAPIv2.0

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After some googling:
direct link:

Meh!  I tried installing the M$ d/l but I was sabotaged by the intel they built into their package.  I was hit by an error message in German.  I used google for the translation and it was saying that the install failed because the language was incompatible (my install is English.  I was a bit surprised since I've used native German language components before (eg ODBC driver packs).  But this time, sadly, it didn't want to play - I guess the M$ API includes language-dependent context menu support or something like that.

So, if anybody knows where to find the (english language) variant, do please let me know - thanks in advance!

And thanks again, lvqcl, for your kind help.

Re: [help needed] Audio CD Writer - Burninate::IMAPIv2.0

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Sorry, you'll just have to upgrade to Windows 7. Or perhaps Windows 10.

The English version is at the same link, replace de-de with en-us, but it says it's no longer available.

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