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Foobar Icon


Can anybody tell me why such a good program has such an awfull logo with a disgusting alian?

Brg stefboy

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Seriously? It's fine.

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Cauz we love it.
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Re: Foobar Icon

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Some background  ;) :

It's the third revision of the foobar2000 logo.

First was ":B"

Then was "^_^"

Now we get the aliencat, which was designed by picmixer. I think that it fits very well with foobar2000's design aesthetic. Simple, unique, versatile, and it even fits much of the foobar2000 community subculture, which quite enjoys cats. Peter's an alien too, so it even works there.


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And I think OP already served his or her entire purpose in registering on this forum.

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