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Topic: [TOS #6] foobar replaygain stuck at 89db?? (Read 5938 times) previous topic - next topic
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[TOS #6] foobar replaygain stuck at 89db??

I am relatively new to foobar but am now using it to add replaygain to my flac's.  At the default setting of 89db I find it a bit low so wanted to set it to 92db instead.  I go to preferences/advanced/replaygain and set "target volume level" to 92 instead of the default 89.  I cleared replaygain info from a file and told it to scan per track gain.  It comes up with the exact same -11 value that it did the first time when it was set to 89db.  I tried it again and set the target volume to 98db, same thing, it still comes out with -11.

I have replaygain 2.2.2 and foobar 1.3.15.

Either I am missing something or changing the target volume simply has no effect at all.

Re: foobar replaygain stuck at 89db??

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ReplayGain target level isn't adjustable as it's a standard. There are quite many threads about this that at least Google search finds instantly. A few in chronological order: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Re: foobar replaygain stuck at 89db??

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In the replaygain page of the settings, you can add preamplification, to adjust the final loudness of replaygained files. +4 or even +6 dB should be possible with modern music, with no issues.

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