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foo_input_ht (Highly Theoretical - SSF/DSF decoder)

I've had a very specific problem with foo_input_ht for a long time which I was able to look past, but now has turned a bit worse. Both now and in the past, the ripped SSF files for the Saturn game Dragon Force (the strategy RPG that Working Designs localized) didn't all work correctly when played with foo_input_ht. Originally, the only problem I found was in any track that used the synthesizer bass instrument, like the theme for battles inside castles, that bass instrument was distorted to the point that it made those songs impossible to listen to. Now with the most recent versions of foobar2000 (1.3.15) and foo_input_ht (2.0.49), the synthesizer bass isn't distorted anymore, but the volume envelopes for some other instruments are completely wrong. The most glaring example is in Junon's theme, the instrument that plays the chords in the beginning of the song stays at full volume until note-off instead of fading out (I guess the technical term would be the sustain is set too high?).

I have no idea how to go about trying to fix something like this, but is there somewhere I'd be able to get older versions of foo_input_ht to roll back to? I freely admit that this is a very nitpick-y thing to make a thread about, but the game's soundtrack is honestly too good for there to be no way at all of playing it intact.

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Maybe you can report the issues to another emulator whose authors know what they're doing? Have you tried foo_input_viossf instead? Clearly the MAME team knows what's up.

The only volume affecting issues I've changed in the past years is reverting the envelope behavior to its original design, and fixing some ADPCM decoding that only affects DreamCast / DSF files.


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I gave up on emulating formats like this a long time ago.  The problem with consoles that use chips or hardware to make music using a series of sequenced notes and few patches/samples is that it doesn't always go well if it ever did so in the first place.  I usually use them now for project planning to when I can get around to doing a rip with real system hardware.

Formats like CD-DA, CRI ADX are completely safe in this respect and doesn't ever need the original hardware to work right.

Re: foo_input_ht (Highly Theoretical - SSF/DSF decoder)

Reply #4 there somewhere I'd be able to get older versions of foo_input_ht to roll back to?
Foo_SSF-DSF decoder v2.0.41

Few old versions: (including 3 with expired certificate - )

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And that only fixes one of his problems, and introduces a different problem that was already fixed. Meanwhile, if it's an old version of my component, he'll have to install it to the player's components directory, or else automatic updates will kick in.

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Hi Kode54,
I have a playback sound issue... some Sega Saturn ssf files are sounding messy... cracking or so...
and have been an issue for some time now.... I just have not got around to posting about it...

I am running all up to date Foobar 2000 app and plugins..
Fb2k v1.4.2  and plugin ssf&dsf_Sega Saturn&Dreamcast Sound Format (v2.0.51)(DATE_01-26-2019)

here is the sample files for testing... if there is an issue I can remove the link... 
its  track "ƒ°-066(SIGMA)" and "PUPPET SHOW" that have messy sounding playback..

I was wondering if there was anything that could be done? bug fix or is it faulty dump?

Re: foo_input_ht (Highly Theoretical - SSF/DSF decoder)

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I'd recommend heading to:

And grabbing the latest AOSSF and AODSF. They're the least troublesome to deal with at this time.

Re: foo_input_ht (Highly Theoretical - SSF/DSF decoder)

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I've kind of wondered that myself. The Japanese foobar2000 community doesn't seem to want to reveal its identity all that much, even though they do produce some very useful components.

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