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foo_facets filtering

I've been a long time user of foobar but only for adding replaygain tags to my files, for everything else I've been using Mp3tag and dbPoweramp (for converting to MP3 and modifying the output tags). A couple of days ago I had another need for foobar to add a column that contained a hash of various fields for use in MinimServer to function as a unique album ID, so I figured I should probably sit down and work out how to use this thing, and oh my god I'm so glad I did!

Amongst other things, I'm using facets to QA my tagging. One of my filters checks for missing tags (I believe it's not possible to check for missing album art), but the other I'm looking to add is to make sure the files are stored in the correct location.
Using massTagger I've verified the following functions work, but I'm unable to get them working as a filter, and I've tried a lot of permutations! I'm still a little confused by the syntax so I'm hoping it's a simple one.

The current location of the file I believe is:
Code: [Select]
and the correct location of the file is:
Code: [Select]
I:\MUSIC\Test_foobar\UNQALBUMID\$meta(album artist)\$replace($if($meta_test(boxtitle),$meta(boxtitle),$meta(album)[ '('%release%')'][ '('%albumsupp%')']),:,-)

So I'm just trying to display those that aren't in the correct location, but I've been going round in circles for the last couple of hours now.


Re: foo_facets filtering

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Hi there,

I could not test with your specific path, but this seemed to worked for me -

Code: [Select]
"$strcmp($directory_path(%path%),M:\Music\$meta(album artist)\$meta(album))" MISSING

Seeing as I keep all my multi-disc albums in a "Disc 1, Disc 2" folder structure following the above path, the search returned about half my library. ;)



Re: foo_facets filtering

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Even when I copied your example I removed the double quotes out of habit, thinking they'd turn the whole statement into a string!

It looks like the relevant point is
Double quotation marks should also be included around title-formatting expressions that use parentheses.
I missed this in my brief scanning of the Query syntax. More Haste, less speed :-)

Thanks again

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