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RealPlayer "RealConverter MP3"

Anyone here using realconverter ?

i try to use "realconverter" about two days ago and still haven't figured out how to use "vbr" setting in that converter. that converter bundled with realplayer, i used version

in realconverter mp3 section, there is only two option 1) Quality (choose bitrate = 320, 256, 192, 128, 96, 64 => default 128 ), and 2) use VBR (which is only checkbox, there's no advanced settings for this option)...

when i use cbr mode, which is only select bitrate, it's good, but when i used vbr mode, i confused, whether to change default bitrate or not, at first i though it would be the same as itunes. in itunes, the choosen bitrate will act as minimum bitrate, but in realconverter it's not. in realconverter, when i use vbr and change default bitrate, well, the files is converted, but i can't play that files in my player.

guide please...???

NOTE : i try to use this, 192 kbps with vbr checked

you can download "realplayer" offline package here,
or you can download online package on "real" official site
qaac -cvbr 0 -he

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