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Keeping a collection of worst settings

Just a couple days ago, someone asked for improvement of his custom set of LAME switches, most of which made quality much worse than the default settings.

In that thread this rather legendary thread was mentioned:,4457.0.html

However the mentioned set of "worst settings" isn't really working with current versions of LAME anymore, and some of them are redundant.

The target for such endeavors is to produce the highest possible bitrate file, which has also the worst possible quality.

The reasons for such endeavors is to have obvious demonstration examples of what to look for, when looking for compression artifacts (similar to be presented with JPEG artifacts, etc). Also, as demonstration baseline, with both aspects (file size and quality) at worst.

I'm not a lame expert, and current versions of LAME don't mention the older switches in their man page or their --help output.

The latest set of mentioned switches is:
Code: [Select]
-V0 -q9 -b256 -B256 --resample 48 --interch 1 -md -p --noshort --notemp --nores -k --strictly-enforce-ISO --nspsytune --athlower -56 --ns-bass 2 --ns-alto 12 --ns-treble 9

Switches like -k are deprecated. Someone also mentioned that using --preset radio provides additional badness, however the settings together with the -V and -q switches become utterly confusing at that point.

At the same time, I scoured the interwebs to find the latest available versions of Plugger and Blade, to see how bad settings of current LAME compares to various settings with these old encoders. The reason for this, is mainly because I occasionally stumble over old MP3 files which have been encoded many years ago. Some of them state they've been encoded using Blade or Plugger.

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