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What lossy formats do you use on a *regular* basis?

AAC or HE-AAC v1,v2 (.m4a, .aac…)
[ 57 ] (24.5%)
LossyWAV + lossless (.lossy.flac, .lossy.wv, .lossy.tak…)
[ 9 ] (3.9%)
MP3 (.mp3)
[ 85 ] (36.5%)
Musepack (.mpc)
[ 11 ] (4.7%)
Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)
[ 23 ] (9.9%)
Opus (.opus)
[ 46 ] (19.7%)
AC3 Dolby Digital (AC-3, E-AC-3)
[ 1 ] (0.4%)
Other lossy format
[ 1 ] (0.4%)

Total Members Voted: 233

Voting closed: 2017-12-05 05:23:37

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Re: 2017 Format Poll (lossy codecs)

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Only accepting one option makes this poll nearly pointless, in my opinion.
Agree. I use Opus on my phone, Lossywav on Desktop - which one should I choose for the poll? Chose lossywav because of its underdog position in 2016 -- hopefully that highlights the problem.

PC = TAK + LossyWAV  ::  Portable = Opus (130)

Re: 2017 Format Poll (lossy codecs)

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Opus - in Desktop Linux distributions it always "just works" and now that foobar2000 works well on Android I don't need AAC anymore.

Re: 2017 Format Poll (lossy codecs)

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I Was Voted AAC or HE-AAC?

So, what do lossy compression audio there: is a MP3!

Re: 2017 Format Poll (lossy codecs)

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@novandroresonate2018 take it from another equally non-native English speaker:

You don't have to speak like Shakespeare in order to be understood over here, but man, you do have to brush up your English so that people can actually have a grasp of what you're trying to say!

Either that or, as it's been already advised, make proper use of Google Translate.

Or else you risk sounding like this guy:

Listen to the music, not the media it's on.

Musepack --quality 6
Wavpack -hb4.55x5cvm

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