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Requests to translate my web page

Can't think where to ask this question, but since the web page in question is audio-related, I thought I'd ask here...

Some forum members will be aware that I publish a web page containing some tips and advice about transferring vinyl LPs to CD. ( Over the years a few people have asked permission to translate it into other languages, and asked if I would add a link to their translation. I've been happy to do this. But recently these requests have become more and more frequent, and I'm beginning to wonder if there's some weird ulterior motive that I haven't figured out. (Most of the translations are into Eastern European languages, if that is at all relevant). Of course, since I don't understand these other languages I cannot tel how accurate the translations might be.

Might there be something sinister about these translations? Am I being hoodwinked into assisting some sort of nefarious activity?

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