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Re: Tag Sanitizer component

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iTunNORM should work just make sure there's no spaces before or after the apostrophe.

Re: Tag Sanitizer component

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Regarding the 'retro' appearance,
I've given it some thought, but I don't want to drastically alter it from where it is.
The general idea of this component is to clean up newly downloaded files, retaining only tags that you keep in your library, remembering the last used config to apply again next time you download some album.

If the component imports a list of known tags from the library, it will seem as if it lists tags present in the selected files. Wrong!
If the component imports a list of known tags from the selected files... then it just clones the functionality of the Properties dialog, so what's the point?

Re embedded images-
Everything not specifically checked as preserved is discarded - including stuff that foobar2000 doesn't even show (and that's the point of this component), basically tags are discarded and then selected data is written back to fresh tags.
All embedded images are removed, and if "preserve front cover" is checked, just front cover is written to the fresh tags.

Re iTunNORM-
It seems there's currently no way to retain it, I'm looking into it.

Re: Tag Sanitizer component

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What is the difference between this component and the Masstagger "Remove all except for ..." function?

Re: Tag Sanitizer component

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No one??…

Well... After all this time doing tests, I came to the conclusion that the function integrated in Masstagger is reasonably better than Tag Sanitizer.

The Tag Sanitizer appears to be a more specific component with a few functions dedicated to the label it proposes, but in several directories containing entire discographies, it ended up removing more tags than I had stipulated, which caused me considerable headache to re-tag the affected files. Situation that I did not see happen with the function integrated to Masstagger.

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