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Tagging from foobar

I am new to foobar. How do I tag from foobar?

1. When I am on "album list", and viewing by "album", how can I select an album for tagging? When I right click on an album and select "tagging", my options are to "get tags from freedb", and various pictures options. I don't need need to get tags from freedb. I need to edit the tags manually.

2. In the course of modifying my foobar's theme, I lost my metadata view. How can I get that back?

3. How can I send an album or a track to Mp3Tag for tagging? When I was using Windows Media Player, I can right click on an album or a track, select "open file location", and it will take me to the file location using Windows Explorer. I then right click to send the album or the tracks to Mp3Tag for tags editing. Is there a similar option that would allow me to edit my tags?


Re: Tagging from foobar

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1. Right-click and select "Properties".

Re: Tagging from foobar

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There's a foobar2000 subforum....

Right Click --> Tagging

Re: Tagging from foobar

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You can also setup a dedicated tab for tagging using the tagbox plugin.  You then select which fields you want listed for editing.

Re: Tagging from foobar

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Thanks. I just installed the Tagbox. It doesn't look there are that many fields that I can edit, tho. So far, I have been selecting the files and then  opening their containing folders, and then from the File Explorer I would open the files with MP3Tag or TagScanner for editing. It'd be great if I can tag them directly from Foobar. Is there another component that you would recommend? Thanks


Re: Tagging from foobar

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You can edit any field that a tag can hold with Tagbox.  You just need to set it up properly.  There is documentation that helps you set it up, if you need it.

You can also right click on the file in FB2k, select properties, and edit any field you want, as others have mentioned.

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