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DTS vs MLP audible?

Is there any thought as to whether one should be able to tell the difference between MLP and DTS on a DVD-Audio disc? I don't think i've ever seen the two compared.
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Re: DTS vs MLP audible?

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DVD-Audio can't use DTS as far as I know. DVD video disks can, but at such a high bitrate it is probably always going to be transparent. 

Re: DTS vs MLP audible?

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Of course you'd have to make sure both versions are from the same mix/master (and that they are level-matched).    Unless you encoded the files yourself, you probably don't know that.   Unless you don't hear any difference and then it wouldn't matter if they are from the same-exact master.

Some of the best sounding music I have is DVD video concerts with 5.1 channel Dolby or DTS.   I can't imagine it sounding any better, or being any more enjoyable, in different/lossless format.    (Maybe 7.1 channels would be more "interesting".)

DVD-Audio can't use DTS as far as I know.
That's correct.   DVD-Audio is either LPCM or MLP (both lossless).    

However, you can have a "universal disc" with LCPM, Dolby AC3, or DTS (in VOB files)in the VIDEO_TS folder for regular DVD players and MLP or LPCM in the AUDIO-TS folder for DVD-Audio players.    And, the VOB files can be audio-only, or they can contain regular video, or a still image.

Re: DTS vs MLP audible?

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Thanks for the opinions folks. Nice to know i'm not crazy in not being able to tell the difference.
Music lover and recovering high end audiophile

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