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.dsf files

I'm fairly new to FB2K. I will be playing .dsf files a lot. What plugin(s) should I use and how should I configure FB2K?

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For reading ,dsf, .dff, SACD iso, etc. I'd recommend , follow the embedded instructions.  Note that they change slightly from version to version so be careful with instructions you find elsewhere.

foo_input_sacd can be configured to convert DSD to PCM so you can use essentially any DAC to play DSD.  Or you can configure it to use DoP to get DSD to a DSD capable DAC.  For the second case you probably want to get configuration instructions from your DAC manufacturer.

You can find many suggested configurations for foo_input_sacd, but just use your ears to pick which filter for DSD to PCM, which output PCM sample rate or which DSD output rates to use if more than one works well with your DAC.


Re: .dsf files

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Thank you.

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