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Re: New Audio File Conversion Tool

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I'm stuff using this program and think it is cool.

I notice on the github page:

that you updated the resampler to 1.1.6. The about page on the exe does not have the updated version info. Just thought I'd let you know.

Re: New Audio File Conversion Tool

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Hi Ron,

Sorry - I haven't been on HA for a while, and haven't checked this thread until now.
I have resumed work on this in the last few months, and have made a lot of progress.

(Many thanks to the various users who have privately provided invaluable feedback - y'all know who you are !)

It's now up to v1.2.5 for both the front-end (Ferocious) and the command-line converter (ReSampler)

Some of the new features include:
  • Ability to read DSD files (.dsf, .dff) Note: No DST compression as yet.
  • Multi-threading (and general processing speed improvements)
  • Support for 'bext' and 'cart' chunks in .wav files (and rf64 support for huge files)
  • Additional LPF curves, and generally more consistent Lowpass filter responses across all sample rates

... as well as a number of bugfixes.

The Ferocious front-end also now allows themes to re-skin the appearance of the app. (It would be cool if anybody out there who has good CSS skills could contribute some tasteful themes.).

The Windows binaries are available here:

Ferocious v1.2.5 (Front-End - includes latest copy of ReSampler)

note: I haven't made an installer for this as yet - you just unpack the zip file to your hard drive. There are two flavors - 64-bit or 32-bit. (You can also replace the 64-bit ReSampler executable with the AVX version if your CPU supports it)

ReSampler v1.2.5

Note: There are four different binaries here:
  • 32-bit (no SSE)
  • 32-bit (with SSE)
  • 64-bit (with SSE)
  • 64-bit AVX (for Sandy Bridge or Higher CPU with AVX instructions)

Work is also underway with porting it to Linux, with Mac and Android also being future possibilities.
I have also had discussions with various people about making a foobar2000 plugin version.



Re: New Audio File Conversion Tool

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thank you for making this tool. I wanted to convert an entire folder of files on a NAS. I can select all the files i want to convert when i 'browse' to the directory. However, I cannot specify the output directory. I tried typing in 'c:\music\*.flac' but when i hit the save button, nothing happens. I read the wildcard usage pdf but it seems, wildcards don't work in windows?

Sorry for the late reply. The way I would do this is to go into the Options / Output File Options menu, and put in your target directory and file type (flac), and hit ok. This will automatically populate the "Output File(s)" box on the main screen for you.

Then, for input files, browse and select the files you want to convert.
Note: you can subsequently edit the list using the '...' button.
(Also, there is a limitation at the moment in that it doesn't traverse subdirectories - this may be a target for future enhancement).

upload pic

I hope this helps.


Re: New Audio File Conversion Tool

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Just addressing this feedback, which came up in this thread

Maybe a bit off-topic but it seems that your software's UI is not DPI-aware. While hi-res audio does no harm to my ears a hi-res monitor does hurt my eyes. The recent Windows 10 Creators Update advocating improvement in UI scaling is a pure joke, I used it for no more than 3 hours and reverted to Windows 7.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it's true - ferocious just works on static pixel dimensions.
I will investigate what needs to be done to make it scale effectively to look great on a range of resolutions, for a future release.


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