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Disclaimer: due to the media overlay API only being available since Windows 10 build 9879 this component should only be installed on machines running Windows 10 build 9879 and above.

Current version

What does this component do?
This component allows foobar2000 to interact with the Windows 10 media controls  on the upper left of your screen.

  • control foobar playback using the media overlay
  • see track information and album artwork on the media overlay

The component disables the play/pause/play-pause/stop/prev/next media keys passthrough for the foobar2000 main window by default as it interferes with how the overlay handles these keys. You can re-enable the passthrough by navigating to 'Preferences->Tools->Windows 10 Media Controls' and checking 'Enable multimedia key passthrough'.

I'd love to have it added to the components list but I have no idea how to do so.

Building & screenshots
Refer to the readme on GitHub

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How do I install this?
It seems a great component!

Re: foo_mediacontrol

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Download the .dll from that Releases page, drag it onto the Components page of the Preferences dialog, click Apply to restart and install it.

Re: foo_mediacontrol

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Thanks for this.

Re: foo_mediacontrol

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Thanks, I was missing this. Is there a way to customize the album art?
I'm late

Re: foo_mediacontrol

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I have Windows 10 build 16299 and it gives me an error that it's missing

Re: foo_mediacontrol

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This component is no longer needed?