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Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over

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I've got the 2001 remaster on CD.

I took the first 30 seconds, padded it and adjusted the gain to match the SACD.flac with:
sox 01\ Alone\ Again\ Or.wav CD.wav pad 0.14523809523809524 trim 0 30 gain -2.99

Gain was set so Foobar's replaygain scanner reports the same track gain (+4.36) and the padding was set to line up the part where the left channel comes in. Other parts of the track don't line up perfectly so I guess the CD and SACD are from different recordings of the tape.


Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over

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Thanks for doing that eric.w, I'm going to have to try some serious critical listening of the two digital rips.

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