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Three new Opus releases

I'm announcing two new releases of opus, along with the first release of the new libopusenc library.

First for opus, we just fixed a bad bug in the surround encoding code that would cause very bad quality on signals beyond a certain amplitude. Thanks to Franziska Trojahn and others from HfT Leipzig for finding this issue through their listening test (the quality of the two bad files in the paper should now be similar to the others). The new 1.1.5 release fixes only that bug, while 1.2beta also includes some ARM Neon optimizations and low bitrate quality tuning.
You can download them at:

This is also the first release of libopusenc. That library is means to make it easy to encode Ogg Opus files. It is the encoding counterpart to libopusfile. This first release supports all features (including chaining), but it has received only a small amount of testing. Please report and bugs, feature requests, ...
You can download it at:

Re: Three new Opus releases

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I want to be able to build opusenc and libopus from source using Visual Studio 2017, or if needed, Code::Blocks.
While I am indeed knowledgeable in programming and compiling stuff, I'm just completely clueless when it comes to compiling other people's code.
I know that building this in Linux would be way easier (and indeed, I have successfully built both under Linux LOL ) but I really need to be in Windows this time.
Is there some website I can read that can help me, or maybe someone can give me instructions, possibly?
I no longer want to wait for others to build opusenc every time a new version comes out XD
Thanks! :)

Re: Three new Opus releases

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@OrthograficCube: If you're fine with compiling in the linux way, maybe you should try msys2  ( ).
I haven't tested if opus builds in there, but there's a high chance that it will.


Re: Three new Opus releases

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I always check the Opus 1.2 alpha page to see if new compiled binaries are available and yesterday, when I posted this question, the latest beta was still not posted ^_^

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