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Opus 1.2-alpha is out

We just released Opus 1.2-alpha. It's an alpha release for the upcoming Opus 1.2. It comes with many improvements, including:
  • Speech quality improvements especially in the 12-20 kbit/s range
  • Improved VBR encoding for hybrid mode
  • More aggressive use of wider speech bandwidth, including fullband speech starting at 14 kbit/s
  • Music quality improvements in the 32-48 kbit/s range
  • Generic and SSE CELT optimizations
  • Support for directly encoding packets up to 120 ms
  • DTX support for CELT mode
  • SILK CBR improvements
  • Support for all of the fixes in draft-ietf-codec-opus-update-04 (the mono downmix and the folding fixes need --enable-update-draft)
  • Many bug fixes, including integer overflows discovered through fuzzing (no security implications)

You can get it here. Please give it a try and report any issues.

Re: Opus 1.2-alpha is out

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Please delete my post. It never made it to validated news and since then someone else started a 1.2-alpha thread in the Opus forum. People are commenting there, so this thread is now irrelevant.

Re: Opus 1.2-alpha is out

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Unfortunately, I do not patrol news submissions often enough. I could leave it in validated news and close it, directing people to the other topic for commentary.

E: Yes, everyone, continue discussing the news in the linked topic:

Opus 1.2 alpha in the Opus forum.

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