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foo_playcount imports partial plays from ipod

Hello all,

I finally decided to register in the forum because I have an issue that's been hunting me for weeks now. I left iTunes a while back and have been using foobar2000 since, although I have my player with the same colors iTunes 6 used to have (nostalgia). I use and iPod classic, foo_dop, foo_audioscrobbler 1.4.7, foo_playcount 3.0.2 and foobar2000 1.3 in portable mode and synchronize every other day mostly. I did notice however, that even though the audio scrobbler plugin imports all the play counts, the playback statistics plugin only imports partial plays. For example, if I listen to 30 songs in one day, perhaps only half of those will be added to the playback statistics, and randomly. I tried using the installed version of foobar2000 but the same thing happened. I'm not sure where this post will take me, but wanted to share my experience. foobar2000 is great!


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