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Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi WilB and thanks for this wonderful plugin. Although I have some problem saving album cover for my music files. From server settings I've changed the Auto-Save value from "0" to "1", like this :

Auto-Save Folder=$directory_path(%path%)
Auto-Save File Name=cover

Then I save the biography.ini file and restart foobar2000. I looked up in my music album folder but there's no cover art in it. I've tried to delete the biography.ini file and let foobar2000 recreate it but still no luck. I'm using w/ Jscript Panel v2.1.7.2

please help, thanks :)

Re: Biography Discussion

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I just checked & it's all working here.

Please bear in mind:

1) The aim is to obtain MISSING covers. If auto-save is enabled, searches when unable to load a cover according to main foobar2000 preferences (display > album art > front cover > search patterns) and there isn't a cover in the save location. So it ONLY searches when no cover is found through the above routes.

2) Search requires album artist / artist name & album name. So files need to have the tags. If either are missing it won't search, since they're required for searching.

3) The names have to match those used by the site. Autocorrect is on by default so there is a little lee-way in the matching. The site also has to have the cover you're searching for - it's pretty comprehensive though. There might also be occasions when the site is down, like over last w/e, but it all seems to be back to normal now.



Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks for the reply!
Yes, music files I use for this is properly tagged and I make sure there's no external images (ie. cover.jpg, front.png, etc) exist in the folder.

edit: I searched my music collection and found some files that don't have embedded cover in it. the plugin works! It saved cover artwork in the same folder as the music files.
back to play some other music w/ embedded cover, I let it play 2-3 songs to see if the site is not responding or down, plugin doesn't work.

Is it possible that embedded cover in my music files stops the plugin from saving cover artwork?

Re: Biography Discussion

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The check for an existing cover is whether the main foobar2000 preferences (display > album art > front cover > search patterns) is able to find a cover. That checks both embedded and external sources. Since the aim of Biography is to obtain missing covers, an embedded cover in a music file means you have a cover & so Biography doesn't search. It's not clear why you want to search if you have the cover.

So it's all behaving as expected.

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