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Re: Biography Discussion

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I report an error:

Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.1.5 (Biography v1.0.1 by WilB)
CheckMenuRadioItem failed:
Index is out of bounds

File: <main>
Line: 1491, Column: 587

Stack trace:

Re: Biography Discussion

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I'm using fb2k v1.320 with SPM 1.1.5 and Biography 1.0.1 on W7 x64. Since a few days I realized that that I'm getting no more Biography Infos and Album Reviews from allmusic (only "Nothing found"), but as source for biography and album reviews is working perfectly. Even tried a few times to reinstall biography 1.0.1 after deleting folder yttm completely. I tried installing JScript 2.2.02 with Biograhy 0.9.03 (again after deleting yttm) buw with no results. If I chase allmusic as source or force source to allmusic the only answer I get is "Nothing found". Checking the allmusic website shows that allmusic isn't offline and also that biography or album reviews for the artists are present. By deleting yttm folder for reinstalling Biograhy script I realized "foo_lastfm_img.vbs" there. Wonder if no "foo_allmusic_img.vbs" is needed?
Forgot to say that I did a Windows Update for W7 and updated some components in my fb2k skin.
Any suggestions to solve this problem?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Reproduced & fixed for the next version.


Initially just to confirm that the site is working for me as expected (fb2k 1.4.2 Win 10) and that only "foo_lastfm_img.vbs" is required. It's rather perplexing if one is working & not the other. It sounds as though it was working and then you made changes to your set-up such that it isn't working any longer. Confirm you have Biography.ini version A0002 (it's in the yttm folder; open with a text editor). To get there press shift & use" foobar2000\File menu\Browse Configuration folder" to be sure you're in the right location. Ensure server settings in "biography.ini" are valid, e.g. Album Review [Allmusic] or Biography [Allmusic] Auto-Fetch are enabled (set to 1 to enable), search title-format is valid and save paths are valid. Try deleting biography.ini (or renaming if you want to keep it) to reset to default. You could try clearing panel properties. Free disc space is also required to save the data, but I doubt if that's the issue. Check the save locations to see whether or not the data is actually being obtained and saved. You could try a fresh minimal portable install as a quick test. SMP doesn't have any special requirements to work on W7, as far as I know, that could have been effected by the W7 update.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Please also ensure your system complies with the installation requirements for Spider Monkey Panel, in particular, since it looks like you're using 1.3.20, that Visual Studio 2017 Redistributable is installed / hasn't been effected by the W7 update.

Re: Biography Discussion

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many thx for your quick reply. I'll test all your sugestions and report after the weekend.

Re: Biography Discussion

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after hours ofter reinstalling, testing, reading, ... I finally got at least a few biograhys from allmusic. May be I found a reason for that strange behaviour not to show allmusic biographys, and it could be related to tagging.

A very huge part of my music library consists of SAMPLERS, COLLECTIONS and SINGLES:
- the tagging for %artist% is always the correct artist name.
- the tagging there for %album artist% always is "VA" or it is not set.
- the tagging for %album% in SAMPLERS is the name of the sampler ("Bravo Hits 101", "Bravo Hits Vol. 101" or "VA - Bravo Hits 101" for example"). In COLLECTIONS the tag %album% is 'misused' being a description like "Top 100 Single Charts". Concerning SINGLES %album% is not set or set to the same as %title% (as single releases or single tracks having no official album name).

The other part of my music library is ARTISTS ALBUMS:
- the tagging for %artist% is always the correct artist name, %album artist% for being the same as %artist" is empty.
- %album% tagging depends: if having more than one release %album% has a release desciption apended in brackets, for example "Greatest Hits (Jap. Edition)" or "Live at Wembley Stadium (Deluxe Edition)". If many cases in my 'audiophile albums' %album% is similar tagged as for example "Hotels & Dreamers  (Stockfish SFR 357.6028.2)" for one of my Allan Taylor albums.

On the "tenth reading" of your description I got aware that album tags could have to do with allmusic biograhys, but for only looking after biograhy (as biograhy seemed to me to be there more common thing compared to albums reviews, and I wanted to first have one thing to function properly) I completely overlooked this part of the description. Alltough it is not completely clear to me what to do to get satisfying results.

Beside your "Biography Script" I used 'foo_run' and 'Wsh.Shell run' to validate that allmusic has a biograhy for the choosen artist and in most instances I got to the correct biography, so that "album% could have to do something to do with finding a bio came not into my mind. But I remember I spent a lot of time with try and error to  set up foo_run for allmusic artist search before I found a satisfying result for me with "$replace(%artist%,' ','_','&','and')").Eval(true)". If I tried to use "...' ','_'...) in for searching allmusic artist albums I only got errors or nothing of value for me. But as you can see I'm not really very experienced when it comes down to programming or skinning - for me the most important thing is to have a fine looking and perfect funtionating foobar and to have lots of beautiful music.
As the problem is not solved for me, any suggestions to get satisfying biograhy results without %album% ?

PS: best thing of weekend and all the time researching my "bio-problem" was I accidentally found your "style function". And I have to say I'm much much more than impressed by it. It would have lasted for sure quite some time before I would have tried to figure out the "style fUnction" doing it all my normal way. May be it could be a good idea to post a video @youtube to show your beautiful biography script with all it's possibilities to the whole foobar community and link it al your avatar. A picture or a video says more than thousand words, and for many people doing a "how to video" is much easier than to write a detailed description.

Re: Biography Discussion

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I just found a very litle bug :
1: Activate Image+Text mode
2: play an album with a bio/review long enough to activate the scrollbar
2: With a mouse-wheel clic over the image, switch to the "image only" mode
3: Resize the window horizontally
4: Switch back to the image+Text mode

The scrollbar horizontal position will then be wrong. Hidden if you have made the panel thinner while in Image only mode, or overlapping the text if you have made it larger

Re: Biography Discussion

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Reproduced & should be fixed in the next version. Thanks for reporting.

@WebSkater. Thanks for the feedback.

AM biographies

To discern artists of the same name, AM searches require and match the album + album artist. So the behaviour you see is by design (see documentation).

Where there is no album name or its not matched, AM biographies can be obtained through "Show More Items" menu. Here top albums of an artist can be searched at AM (& also LFM). The AM look-up checks the AM biography.

I re-examined the possibility of searching by artist name alone
It works well in many cases.
Problem cases: different artists with same name. No way of identifying correct artist in returned list. First match would be used, i.e. most popular artist.
A quick test showed that this method resulted in 2-3% of all AM biographies being for the wrong artist. I'm reluctant to add methods that aren't robust, especially since LFM biographies are available. It would also require some sort of manual interaction to deal with incorrect ones, which is cumbersome in itself, and which doesn't work well with auto-updating of biographies.

Note that loading of AM biography text files uses the artist name only, & assumes the correct one has been obtained by this stage. This maximises flexibility since it means existing AM biographies should work for singles, streams, artists on compilations, etc. It also means that only one matching album per artist is required to obtain the biography.

LFM biographies

These usually include all artists with the same name and so searching / loading can just use the artist.

Album reviews

A sufficiently close match between the search album name & that used by the site is required. Including "release desciption" type info as part of the name may break the look-up. It can be better to put that info in a separate tag; likely you won't want to do that though. The script does have an optional "Album Name Auto-Clean" option in server settings that will handle some common scenarios. One user found it helpful to truncate search album names at the first "("  [see here for how to do it].

Re: Biography Discussion

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many thanks for your detailed reply. I'll test your sugestions the next days, and think it will help me a lot to understand the working of your beautiful script in detail. For the AM biography: what about searching for %artist% + %title% as a alternative option. I think it could help in most cases to find artists bios for single releases. Did you research this item too?

Re: Biography Discussion

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@WebSkater I tested your idea & it seems to work fine. It should be in the next version.

AFAIK it's not possible to auto-detect the artist - title order in streams, and so remapping would need to be applied on a stream by stream basis.

Artist stuff: this is fairly straightforward, and can already be done.

In server settings (biography.ini) you would need to remap %BIO_ARTIST%. Two examples are below. Adjust comparison string(s) as required.

Code: [Select]
%BIO_ARTIST%=$if($strstr(%path%,edge-bauermz),%title%,$if3($meta(artist,0),$meta(album artist,0),$meta(composer,0),$meta(performer,0)))
// Use $or for more than 1 stream. Example below has two streams but more could be added.
%BIO_ARTIST%=$if($or($strstr(%path%,,$strstr(%path%,,%title%,$if3($meta(artist,0),$meta(album artist,0),$meta(composer,0),$meta(performer,0)))

In panel properties one of the headings would need adjusting: "Heading Title Format Track Review..."
Within the heading change %title% to e.g.,
Code: [Select]

If you display track reviews, that's currently more complicated as the title definition is hard coded, and changing it would require editing the script.

I might consider adding %BIO_TITLE% to server settings for the next version to make this easier. %BIO_ARTIST% and %BIO_TITLE% definitions in the server settings could then simply be remapped, but its only worth it if the remapping method is a satisfactory solution. It wouldn't then be necessary to edit the script at all + headings & subheadings would be handled automatically as well.

If you currently want to get track reviews working and don't mind editing the script then:
Shift+right click > configure
this.title definition on ~line 995. Within it change $meta(title,0) to e.g.
Code: [Select]
this.trackID definition on line ~996. Replace the whole line with e.g.,
Code: [Select]
this.trackID = focus => p.eval( + "$if($strstr(%path%,edge-bauermz),%artist%,%title%)", focus);

You would also need to similarly change one of the subheadings in panel properties: "Subheading Track Review Title Format..."

Re: Biography Discussion

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You'll also likely need to remap %BIO_ALBUMARTIST% in a similar way to %BIO_ARTIST%

Since it may be generally useful, I went ahead and added %BIO_TITLE% to server setting in my copy. This should help with remapping etc.  It should be in the next version.


Re: Biography Discussion

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@WilB Thanks. I think I will go on and try it

Re: Biography Discussion

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I tried the artist stuff and its good. I will stop there and wait for the next version

Re: Biography Discussion

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nice to hear my idea could be possibly helpful.
Meanwhile I found another issue. If there are differnt artists with the same name, there are always images that are not correct and therefor unwanted. Same for LMs red warning images "keep stats clean" (even if all tags are absolutely correct). I can delete these images, but how to block downloding these images the next time playing the song or album or artist again? May be not to delete and to rename these unwanted images in a certain way, for example a underscore at beginning or end of the name, or something similar could be a solution?

Re: Biography Discussion

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I've added the ability to black list images. It should be in the next version & deal with both points. Regarding LFMs red warning images "keep stats clean": the script does try to handle this already by blocking those I know about. In future they can be black listed any way. But if you want any added to the automatic exclusion list then please advise the exact artist names causing an issue PLUS the language setting you use & I'll try & add them.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Can anything be done at all about radio stations with %artist% and %title% reversed

Could this remapping be done from foobar2000 natively?
eg. swap metadata if we append to the url ?swap_metadata

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi.  I just installed Spider Monkey 1.2.0 and got the following error in my Biography panels.  My other Spider Monkey panels are OK, so I think the issue may lie with the Biography component.  Please let me know if I need to move this to the Spider Monkey discussion group.

Error: Spider Monkey Panel v1.2.0 ({CC438F09-5BB0-4067-AA7B-232EB140F0F3})
can't access dead object

File: <main>
Line: 2353, Column: 411

Stack trace:

Re: Biography Discussion

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The same situation. Plus, sometimes the foobar2000 remains to hang in the task manager upon exit.

Re: Biography Discussion

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@WilB : regarding errors reported above - this info might be relevant.

Plus, sometimes the foobar2000 remains to hang in the task manager upon exit.
If you are using SMP v1.1.x, you should try updating to SMP v1.2.0 first. If the problem persists, please create a memory dump using the following instructions and post it in in SMP thread.

Re: Biography Discussion

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@dwmartin0906 & @kutuzof

Thanks for the feedback & also to @TheQwertiest for insight into the nature of the error.

I have fixed the SMP 1.2.0 related issue on my copy. The next version of Biography will require SMP 1.2.x, and is planned to be released once there is a stable version of SMP 1.2.x.

Re: Biography Discussion

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@WilB and @TheQwertiest, thank you both for your help.  I corrected the typo in Callbacks.js and Biography works fine now.  And thank you for creating and maintaining such wonderful components.  All your time and hard work is greatly appreciated.

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