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Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi WilB and thanks for this wonderful plugin. Although I have some problem saving album cover for my music files. From server settings I've changed the Auto-Save value from "0" to "1", like this :

Auto-Save Folder=$directory_path(%path%)
Auto-Save File Name=cover

Then I save the biography.ini file and restart foobar2000. I looked up in my music album folder but there's no cover art in it. I've tried to delete the biography.ini file and let foobar2000 recreate it but still no luck. I'm using w/ Jscript Panel v2.1.7.2

please help, thanks :)

Re: Biography Discussion

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I just checked & it's all working here.

Please bear in mind:

1) The aim is to obtain MISSING covers. If auto-save is enabled, searches when unable to load a cover according to main foobar2000 preferences (display > album art > front cover > search patterns) and there isn't a cover in the save location. So it ONLY searches when no cover is found through the above routes.

2) Search requires album artist / artist name & album name. So files need to have the tags. If either are missing it won't search, since they're required for searching.

3) The names have to match those used by the site. Autocorrect is on by default so there is a little lee-way in the matching. The site also has to have the cover you're searching for - it's pretty comprehensive though. There might also be occasions when the site is down, like over last w/e, but it all seems to be back to normal now.


Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks for the reply!
Yes, music files I use for this is properly tagged and I make sure there's no external images (ie. cover.jpg, front.png, etc) exist in the folder.

edit: I searched my music collection and found some files that don't have embedded cover in it. the plugin works! It saved cover artwork in the same folder as the music files.
back to play some other music w/ embedded cover, I let it play 2-3 songs to see if the site is not responding or down, plugin doesn't work.

Is it possible that embedded cover in my music files stops the plugin from saving cover artwork?

Re: Biography Discussion

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The check for an existing cover is whether the main foobar2000 preferences (display > album art > front cover > search patterns) is able to find a cover. That checks both embedded and external sources. Since the aim of Biography is to obtain missing covers, an embedded cover in a music file means you have a cover & so Biography doesn't search. It's not clear why you want to search if you have the cover.

So it's all behaving as expected.

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Hi WilB. I've been waiting quietly for a Spider Monkey version but Santa Claus didn't bring this to me. Could you please update us on progress on this version.


Re: Biography Discussion

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Yes thanks for offering to test them. There had been a number of teething problems with Spider Monkey panel & I wasn't keen to release stuff while I was aware of issues. But SMP v1.1.2 is now looking excellent - at least I haven't encountered any bugs or stability issues. All scripts are essentially done, so just a little more pre-release testing...

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hi WilB! I tried installing your component but it's giving me this error:

And this is the line in question:

Not sure what is wrong =/ Thank you!

Re: Biography Discussion

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I only comment this line:
// window.DlgCode = 0x004;
Script work.
In version 2.2.0 of foo_jscript_panel marc2k3 remove window.DlgCode.

P.S. marc2k3 propose a solution:
window.DlgCode = 0x004;
replace to
if ('DlgCode' in window) { window.DlgCode = 0x004; }
I check it - script work.

Re: Biography Discussion

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I have done a quick maintenance update of Biography (& also Library Tree & YouTube Track Manager) to fix compatibility with JScript Panel 2.2.0+. There are no new features. They can be downloaded from the usual locations.

Spider Monkey Panel versions with new features will appear shortly...

Re: Biography Discussion

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Spider Monkey Panel versions with new features will appear shortly...

the suspense is killing me... my most anticipated update (really!)

(patiently waiting for follow selection/now playing option eg. SYSTEM.Prefer Focus from Biography to appear in YouTube Track Manager?)

Re: Biography Discussion

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New Version: Biography 1.0.0

NEW: Improved menu options.

NEW: Touch Control (enable: menu > layout > options)***.

NEW: track reviews. In review mode there is now a choice of displaying album and/or track reviews (menu > sources > review > type).

NEW: Ability to cycle cover images: front/back/disc etc and/or those in designated folder (menu > sources > cover).

NEW: Theme options, e.g. Text: Show Summary First (menu > layout > theme).

NEW: Lock option (Middle Click: "More Items Button"). Stops track changes updating display.

NEW: Open containing folder (menu > sources > open containing folder).

NEW: Tag writer: Write Tag: "Locale" [multi-value].
   First value: $meta(locale,0). Usually town/city, e.g. The Beatles -> Liverpool; Madonna -> Bay City
   Last value: $meta(locale,$sub($meta_num(locale,1)). Usually country, e.g. The Beatles -> United Kingdom or Madonna -> United States
   Whole value: %locale, e.g. Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
   Library Viewers: see documentation for example patterns for View by City and View by Country

CHG: Tag writer: tags written can now be set from menu.

CHG: Require shift can now be set for the menu items: "Write Tags...", "Paste Text From Clipboard" (new default behaviour requires shift) and "Playlists" (panel properties ["Menu items..."]).

CHG: Requires Spider Monkey Panel - if you're unfamiliar with it, then it's based on JScript Panel but has a modern Javascript engine. Spider Monkey Panel can be run alongside JScript Panel, & so other panels can continue to run in JScript Panel if you don't have Spider Monkey Panel versions.

*** for an extra scroll experience, if you don't have a touch screen, enable touch control and drag with left mouse button down.

Panel properties will be reset as its a new panel. Export JScript panel properties or back-up layouts before updating if you want a record. Importing JScript panel properties isn't supported: panel properties have been overhauled & more key options are now on the menu. Server settings in biography.ini should update automatically if upgrading from a recent version, i.e. 0.9,, and If updating from an older version, biography.ini will be reset and the original backed up.

Re: Biography Discussion

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New Version: Biography 1.0.0

Thanks so much for your scripts and effort!!

One question about Biography RE: artist image source

It seems I can either cycle artist images from lastfm, or I can select a single local artist image (with no cycle option).

Is that correct or am I missing a setting for cycling local artist images?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks for the feedback.

You are correct.

The behaviour is the same as before. I just changed the wording to try and make it clearer when its cycling and when it isn't. For info:

Photo: Cycle. Cycles images in the set Image [Artist] Folder. This is where artist images are saved, and so it was logical to name the choice as "Cycle". You could change this to another folder and disable downloading if you want a different set of images.

Photo: Artist. This loads a single image & that was how it worked before. It loads from "foobar2000 > preferences > display > album art > artist pattern".

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thank you for this wonderful panel.  It is absolutely fantastic.  I am having a problem with the Spider Monkey panel.  When I  switch to album reviews, the artist images are displayed instead of the album cover.  I can get the album cover to display by  clicking the more options button and selecting a specific album.  But I can't scroll through the albums as I could in the jscript panel.  I have read through the instructions but nothing I try seems to work.  What am I doing wrong?

Re: Biography Discussion

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Adding cycling of images for the current album (front, back, disc, etc) was added at the request of another user. But it means that there are now two possible things to cycle through and a choice had to be made over how the mouse wheel operates, i.e. either cycling through images of the current album OR cycling through the different albums. It is set to do the former while the mouse pointer is over the image and latter while the mouse pointer is over the "More Items Button". It was done this way for consistency with how the bio view and similar artists work.

The "More Items Menu" drop down menu does clarify: "Manual Cycle: Wheel Over Button". I hope I have understood you correctly and that you will get used to this small adjustment.

Regarding artist images showing in album mode. Please note the following. Cycling of images for the current album only happens if "Sources > Cover" is set to cycle mode. If set to cycle from a folder then yes extra images are included. I set it to load the artist images by default because I like the ability to cycle through the cover and artist images, but you can use your own folder. You can also use foobar2000 sources for front, back, disc, etc, or both together. Set "Sources > Cover" to front to just have the front cover.


Re: Biography Discussion

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[Artist] Folder. This is where artist images are saved, and so it was logical to name the choice as "Cycle".

The labelling was confusing to me - "Cycle" seemed to imply that it is only cycling through online LFM images.
I thought the other option "Artist" meant artist folder. Maybe simply Cycle on/off

I'm guessing it looks in FB display prefs for artist image location?

btw, thanks much for the 'Open Containing Folder' option :)

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thank you for your quick reply.  I just enlarged the more items button to make it easier to scroll over so that issue is solved.  And changing the cover cycle option to display only the front cover solved my other issue.  It now works perfectly based on my personal preferences.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hello WilB

Been closely following the thread about your Biography tool.
Using JScript Biography
Updated to foobar2000 v1.4.2.
I use the skin/theme DarkOne v4.0 by Tedgo, I'm in love with that one!
Would like to keep it as it is, my settings with Biography works perfect.

So, the big question is, can I safely without breaking anything install Spider Monkey Panel v1.1.5 - Hotfix II and Biography 1.0.0.?
I read this but I'm not shure if it means I'm OK with DarkOne:
CHG: Requires Spider Monkey Panel - if you're unfamiliar with it, then it's based on JScript Panel but has a modern Javascript engine.
Spider Monkey Panel can be run alongside JScript Panel, & so other panels can continue to run in JScript Panel if you don't have Spider Monkey Panel versions.

Kind regards

Re: Biography Discussion

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DarkOne v4.0 was modded to work with JScript Biography by replacing one wsh_panel_mod with JScript panel. You would now need to locate that JScript panel in the layout and replace it with Spider Monkey panel. Then select the panel stack splitter that contains the new Spider Monkey panel and choose configure. Ensure all the panel stack splitter settings and names in all tabs are identical to before, especially the "PanelList > Forced layout" setting. So back up the layout before making the change so you can compare the settings in the layouts. I previously posted you detailed instructions on how to do this. In the end I believe you weren't able to accomplish it and I posted an updated DarkOne v4.0 version.

If you aren't able to update it yourself this time I can update it for you. So please advise if you want me to do that. However, I'll likely wait a while to see if any issues come up with the new Spider Monkey panel version of Biography.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Yes! Please help me with a modded version of DarkOne! YAY! :D
I don't mind waiting at all, only when you have time will be fine!
I will give it a try on my own... consulting my two best friends Trial & Error...
Thanks a million for your guidance, really, really appreciate it!

Kind regards

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hello WilB,

Thanks for the great script!

I would like to point out that Biography 1.0.0 does not work properly:
When foobar is started and the first song is played, no artist picture appears. The Foobar stub image is displayed, although some Artist images are already stored in the cache. Only when the second song is played the artist images appear. From now on Biography-Script works correctly.
I would be happy if this bug is fixed.
Here runs Foobar 1.4.1 with the current Spider Monkey. With Biography this bug did not exist.
Sorry for my English.

Re: Biography Discussion

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Thanks for the report.

Yes I am aware of that bug & have fixed it in my version. I'll upload the fixed version after a little more testing...

Re: Biography Discussion

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Hello Wilb,

On the next version, would it be possible to add an option "Enlarge on mouse click", which would toggle between "image only / image+text" mode, like the option "Enlarge on mouse over" ? I did the code on my setup, i just didn't add it as an option available through the right-click menu, so on my setup it's always on. But i guess it won't take you much time to make it an option, using my code below.
I edided the function of the panel object, line 435, basically i took the previous code and encapsulate it inside a condition :
Code: [Select] = (x, y) => {
const enlarged_img_o = enlarged_img;
enlarged_img = !this.text_trace && img.trace(x, y);
if (!ppt.autoEnlarge && enlarged_img && !ppt.text_only && !ppt.img_only && !enlarged_img_o) {
} else if(!ppt.autoEnlarge && ppt.img_only) {
this.mode(0); enlarged_img = false;
const enlarged_img_o = enlarged_img;
} else {
// Previous code
if (this.zoom() || x < 0 || y < 0 || x > this.w || y > this.h || but.Dn) return;  if (ppt.touchControl && !p.dblClick && Math.sqrt((Math.pow(this.last_pressed_coord.x - x, 2) + Math.pow(this.last_pressed_coord.y - y, 2))) > 3 * s.scale) return; if (t.text && (!ppt.img_only || ppt.text_only) && t.scrollbar_type().onSbar || ppt.heading && t.head && !ppt.img_only && (but.btns["src"] && but.btns["src"].trace(x, y) || but.btns["mt"] && but.btns["mt"].trace(x, y))) return; this.clicked = true; t.logScrollPos(); ppt.artistView = !ppt.artistView; if (ppt.cycPic) {ppt.artistView ? img.photoTimestamp = : img.covTimestamp =;} if (!ppt.sameStyle && (ppt.bioMode != ppt.revMode || ppt.bioStyle != ppt.revStyle)) this.sizes(); = ""; timer.clear(timer.source); ppt.sameStyle || (ppt.bioMode == ppt.revMode && ppt.bioStyle == ppt.revStyle) ? but.check() : but.refresh(true); if (calc) calc = ppt.artistView ? 1 : 2; if (!this.lock && this.multi_new()) {this.get_multi(true); if (!ppt.artistView) t.album_reset();} if (!this.art_ix && ppt.artistView || !this.alb_ix && !ppt.artistView) {t.getText(calc); img.get_images();} else {t.get_multi(calc, this.art_ix, this.alb_ix); img.get_multi(this.art_ix, this.alb_ix);} if (ppt.img_only) img.setCrop(true); if (!ppt.artistView) img.set_chk_arr(null); this.move(x, y, true); t.getScrollPos(); calc = false;

and eventually, in order to restrain the active zone to the image only and not the whole image row/column, line 2378 you'll have to remove this code in the function this.trace():
Code: [Select]
if (!ppt.autoEnlarge) return true;

Re: Biography Discussion

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Mouse middle click already toggles image only vs image + text (it's described in the documentation).

Re: Biography Discussion

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ah ok, i didn't saw that because my mouse doesn't have a middle click button (it's broken... : ) Anyway, my code work fine, i'll just have to copy/pastle it on the next version

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