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Re: Vinyl Ripping Workflow Suggestions Appreciated

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Why is the focus on simulations of analog filters?

For me this was about whether post-processing needs to include ultrasonic frequencies and whether there is a need to keep a master that includes ultrasonic frequencies.  I made no requirement that content must be filtered in the analog domain prior to digitization.

My plots are just showing the output difference of few different implementations of a digital biquad LP IIR filter and the analog prototype is there because of these IIR filters are usually based on it (s domain TF for LPF: H(s) = 1 / (s^2 + s/Q + 1)) and IIR filters found in a software implementation are usually based on the linked RBJ's paper (biquad or cascaded biquads) or similar approach.

Re: Vinyl Ripping Workflow Suggestions Appreciated

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OP seems to have gone, but the best advice I can give is: save the original transfer.

Don't let the only copy you keep be the one that's gone through several stages of processing. You might/will later find fault with that processing.


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