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Exact Audio Copy V1.3

Exact Audio Copy V1.2 has been released

You can find links to the download here:

- Fixed several issues with the CDRDAO burning component
- Updated the cover search in the freedb++ metadata provider
- Fixed defect EAC menu for beginner mode
- Different handling of track selection: Several selected tracks can be checked at once
- Different handling of track selection: Playback will only playback selected track instead of checked tracks
- AcoustID plugin will be pre-selected on installation
- Function "Upper all first characters" will not upper after a number (e.g 8th)
- CUE sheets will receive the composer as remark
- Fixed a very rare occuring problem of not finding an AR checksum for a given track
- Fixed a rare occuring problem of not finding a read command

Re: Exact Audio Copy V1.2

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Curious, why does this no longer link to version 1.3?  Only 1.2 is available for download.

EDIT: Ok, I see.  The d/l link says 1.2 but the linked file is 1.3.

Re: Exact Audio Copy V1.3

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Good.  :D
Format: FLAC

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