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What lossy formats do you use on a *regular* basis?

  • AAC or HE-AAC v1,v2 (.m4a, .aac…)
  • LossyWAV + lossless (.lossy.flac, .lossy.wv, .lossy.tak…)
  • MP3 (.mp3)
  • Musepack (.mpc)
  • Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)
  • Opus (.opus)
  • WavPack lossy (.wv)
  • AC3 Dolby Digital (AC-3, E-AC-3)
  • WMA Standard/Pro (.wma)
  • USAC (xHE-AAC)
  • Other lossy format

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Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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Opus is the one I use most frequently.  First, it's the format my phone carrier uses on WiFi calls (which is most of them).  I also use it for voice podcasts that come in at high rate mp3 which I transcode to 16 kb/s Opus for the limited storage on the phone.  Higher rate for on-device music.

MP3 for cloud music (Google play)

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Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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FLAC -> Opus for portable listening pleasure.
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Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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As far as I can see people are moving from MP3 and Vorbis to a higher quality formats like AAC and Opus. Compatibility isn't an issue on a modern mobile devices. Just install an appropriate application which supports a bunch of particular formats.

Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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Still mostly MP3 for me, partly because every device I own going back to the ark can play them. It suits my needs and reaches perceptual transparency for my ears nearly always with LAME at -V3 for casual listening.

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Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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I use OGG on low bitrate for music and podcasts on my phone with a ridiculously small amount of storage space. Works well enough.

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Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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I only archive in FLAC and I don't listen much, Spotify sometimes and even if I don't use lossy almost anymore, AAC is what I convert to when I go portable, AAC and MP3 is what I come across most but AAC 96/128 vbr is what I prefer.

Re: 2016 Format Poll (lossy codecs)
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Since I've gotten a new phone its 128kbit/s opus while i use wavpack for archiving.