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Topic: [TOS #8] Re: I think Spotify premium has pre-EQ'd all the songs (Read 530 times) previous topic - next topic - Topic derived from I think Spotify premi...
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[TOS #8] Re: I think Spotify premium has pre-EQ'd all the songs

I'm glad this topic has been raised.
I use Spotify Premium at extreme quality settings for streamed and downloaded.
Previously, I've done all the usual ABX experiments that one would expect from a member of HA [edit - not with Spotify though...]
Without invoking #TOS, I've also noticed *something* about the subjective experience, regardless of delivery method to my ears.
To me, it actually sounds like how a transcode from one format to another would sound. Some albums/tracks/labels are worse than others.
Are Spotify being supplied lossy masters?

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