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Copy To--> REPLACE existing file

I haven't seen a specific answer to this one here...I saw something in terms of a script, but not for the windows GUI. I'm hoping it's a setting that I've somehow missed.

When clicking "copy to" and using that function, at the end of the copy it spits out a list of errors. They are letting me know it didn't copy some files because the file already exists. Is there a way to get "copy to" to overwrite, or replace those files?

Instead of me having to copy everything to a folder, and then to move everything from that folder to the folder I wanted them in originally and having windows do the merge/replace option?

Thanks for any help that can be given.

Re: Copy To--> REPLACE existing file

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The lack of an overwrite option is giving me a headache also.  I came here to find out if there is a PRESET for it.

Re: Copy To--> REPLACE existing file

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Two years later and there is still no overwrite option.  Virtually every time I copy files they are overwrites to another drive. Here's my work around.

!. Highlight all the files I want to overwrite
2. Save a playlist of them.
3. Edit the playlist, changing the drive letter.
4. Open the new playlist.
5. Delete all

Alternatively, the playlist can be edited into a batch file. The editing takes a little longer, but the execution is much faster.

Re: Copy To--> REPLACE existing file

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Good solution. Good tip. Thanks for that!

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