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What is going on? (A real head scratcher)

Quote from:  ( Names have been removed to protect the innocent ) ( Originally posted in Site Related Discussion )
Topic: My PC crashed because I got water on the keyboard while foobar2000 was open
It was typing all kinds of letters and clicking things and renaming my files.  I only use Flac files or MP3s,  I lost all the settings and now when I am seeing a lot of WAV files from the same same albums... what it going on? There are a lot of them. It is not everything, but quite a bit. When I go to the folder where it is, it is taking me to cue file and there are no wav files in the same folders.. what is going on? What is going on? Thanks for any help in advance.

A very unusual and fascinating problem. I can only speculate... Thought it'd be interesting to discuss here in Off-Topic.

A waterborne computer virus?
A glass of water became sentient, and with evil intent, spilled itself onto the keyboard, and havoc ensued?
An extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional attempt to communicate?

Or perhaps it is merely an encounter of the never really happened kind ;
Hallucination? (too much or not enough medication?)
A bad dream? (maybe even posted while still asleep?)
A good joke?

What is going on?

Re: What is going on? (A real head scratcher)

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no f********************** clue.

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