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Re: Crash after file operations on ~50 or more files

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The error persists again.

Re: Crash after file operations on ~50 or more files

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I would be helpful if Peter could look at a memory dump created when the player has frozen. You can create a dump with Task Manager but you need to use the 32-bit taskmgr.exe located in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 directory.

Once 32-bit Task Manager is running right click on the foobar2000 process and select "Create dump file". The file will be saved in your temp directory and you can easily open the dir by typing %temp% in the address bar field in explorer.

Compress the dump file with 7-Zip or equivalent compressor that allows splitting the archive into smaller pieces. The upload forum doesn't accept files larger than 40 MB so keep the part size below that. Upload the compressed files in uploads section of the forum.

Re: Crash after file operations on ~50 or more files

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It seems that the issue happens not only with DELETE but with RENAME also. Foobar froze at the end of renaming 244 tracks.
I use the Default UI with Facet plugin. On one of my Facets panes (the albums pane) I right-clicked on one album and chose File Operations > Rename > my_custom_rename_pattern .
The item was an album with 244 tracks.
After a few seconds Foobar froze displaying the regular "narrow" File-Operation window with the 'last" track from the album (track #244).
I had to kill the process.

After launching Foobar again (no suggestion to run in safe mode) everything was OK. I checked and all 244 tracks were renamed as I wanted. Immediately after that I run the same procedure on 2 times more. One on album with 216 tracks and one album with 213 tracks). This time no freeze and it took was very fast (a few seconds).

I use my custom_pattern for years with no issues.
Today, was the first time I used it on more than 40-50 tracks.

This is the pattern I use :
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Facets 1.0
Foobar 1.3.15
Win 7 x64


Re: Crash after file operations on ~50 or more files

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A small thing...sorry for mentioning Masstagger plugin in my report. ...The custom pattern I used to Rename is one of my File Operation preset patterns so  obviously Masstagger plugin isn't related to this issue.

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