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Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion

Hi all,

I use this components with buble upnp (on android), and it works perfectly.
I just encounter 1 problem with visualization in foobar : they don't work when I select my renderer output (they work with the local soundcards)

Any idea ?

Thanks !

It is more than two years ago since this question was asked and I did not see an answer to it.
I use foobar2000  (Columns Interface) with the foo_upnp_out component to send my music (FLAC-files on my laptop) to my HiFi-set that only accepts line-in signals.
To do that I use Bubbleupnp software on my laptop and a Chromecast audio device to translate the digital music to analogue line-in signals.  It works fine (after the small initial startup problems every noobie meets).
The only problem -if you may call it a problem-  is the following:

If I use the built in speakers on my laptop as output to play the music I can see the music (spectrogram) in the toolbar. I like that !
If I use foo_upnp_out as output to listen via my Hifi set, the music is of course much more agreeable to listen to, but the spectrogram stays blank..... >:(
My question is: is this inevitable and if not is it a lot of work to make the spectrogram visible while listening via foo-upnp_out ?

I would be gratefull if someone, if possible the component owner, could comment on this

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