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Hmm, having some trouble

OKay, i recently downloaded n album from some1 n when i unzipped it, it came with a .cue file (very small) n then i have the big file which is .ape, should i get an .ape decoder, or player, or should I just rename the file to .bin in try to burn it in a .bin/.cue program. ???

ne help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Much,

Hmm, having some trouble

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Get the .ape plugin for your favorite player and use that in conjunction with the cue file.

The cue file tells you where the tracks begin and end.  The ape file is a lossless compression of an entire album (or so I'm guessing).

I think you can get more information at monkey audio

Hmm, having some trouble

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You should decompress the file using Monkey's to a wave. Foobar will decompress it too. Foobar does a great job. My guess is to burn it using Exact Audio Copy as it is usuall used when ape and cue are involved. Probably, using another cd copying program to burn will make a mess.
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Hmm, having some trouble

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I thought EAC burns cue/ape just fine.

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