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Feature request - About open custom files as zip

Hi, I'm quite new with the sdk, in fact I can do anything by now, so I'm asking for help to a nice and easy feature for foobar.
My request is the following:
I want to zip album folders and play it in foobar (easy by now, already implemented) but after zipped I want to change the extension for a custom one (I use .maz as MusicAlbumZip) so I guess I have to change something in foo_unpack.dll
I have found the sourcecode:
but barely know where to start or how to compile it later.

You may be asking why I want to change the extension and my answer is simple, first I want to be able to associate the extension with foobar and therefore separate them for common zip files and also, I want them to be thumbnailed in explorer. There are files called cbz and cbr who are images zipped comic that you can read with CdisplayEX ( and after installed those files get thumbnailed. Editing the registry I can add my own files extensions and still keep association with foobar.

So, in short words, I want to let know foobar that my custom *.maz files are in fact zip files, can anybody help me?

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