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Banned for Spamming, but why?

On 27/9/2015 I wanted to start a new topic under General Audio section of the forum, about Replaygain and Android, from another account. I found a solution just as I was about to click post, so didn't post anything, just closed the browser window. Next time when I tried to log in, a message showed up, saying something like "sorry user, you are banned from using this forum. Spam, this ban is not set to expire"

Now, I cannot access HA from my IP at all.  Was this ban an automated process for doing something wrong? If so, what triggered it?

I have tried to contact a moderator, but there has been no response yet. Is there anyone who can shed some light upon the incident? Thanks

Re: Banned for Spamming, but why?

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PM me your IP, and I'll look into it.

Re: Banned for Spamming, but why?

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I'm a long time reader, but the first time poster. It appeared that I've already been registered here, but my account is... banned? For what? Had to register another one.

That's me, using this nickname for more than 15 years online. Kinda sad that this forum did not welcome me.

Re: Banned for Spamming, but why?

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PMed you.

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