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Artist view

Hi There,
I guess my question is stupid but I'm quite a NOOB
I just moved from Zune to Foobar, And I'm looking for a theme/plugin with Artist View.
I wanted a theme so the Foobar would look like Itunes, so I download DUiTunes (from 2013, Is that the most up to date version?)

Can any please recommend me other theme with artist view? It does not has to look like Itunes, but I like the UI very much.

Thank you guys.

Re: Artist view

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I'm not sure what kind of artist view you're talking about as I never used iTunes, but if you're talking about something like a gridview with artist pics, the closest I know of is the esplaylist component set in library browse mode and layered view (which is what I use, BTW).
I'm late

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