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Fix / Repair / Check Intergrity of Ogg files

Anybody know if there are any linux / bash scripts out there what can fix / repair / check integrity of ogg files?

I believe this can be done with oggz tools but I'm not sure how to use them properly.

Re: Fix / Repair / Check Intergrity of Ogg files

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oggz-validate will check the framing of an Ogg file.  The content of each page can vary and you'll need a tool specific to the codec to tell you much about that.  oggz-codecs might tell you what is on the pages, assuming it knows the codec.  oggz-info will give you some technical info about the streams in a file.  Start with validating and then see what needs repairing.  The oggz tools don't really offer much in the way of repair functions.

Might be a good time to learn the structure of an Ogg page :)

Re: Fix / Repair / Check Intergrity of Ogg files

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I executed this on my ogg collection:
find /srv/music -name "*.ogg" -exec ogginfo -q {} > /tmp/ogg-check.log \;

Some of the files checked showed this in the log:
Negative or zero granulepos (-1) on Vorbis stream outside of headers. This file was created by a buggy encoder

Do you know of any tools (linux if possible) what can repair those files?

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