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Re: Library Tree Discussion

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I've sent you a pm.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Many thanks for the complete answer, I fixed my tags as you described. It looks good so far.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Hallo WilB,
Is there a chance for some kind of auto-fill functionality assigned to the 'next' and 'previous' command? I'd like to listen through an album by just clicking on one of the titles and go from there by 'previous' or 'next' without selecting specific titles.
Additionally, it would be great if the currently played song would somehow be indicated in the Library Tree view (e.g. by another background color of the title text or a rectangle around the title text etc).

Another question: when using your script and the JS Smooth Browser from Br3tt/marc2k3 in one skin, in my case the panel properties of both scripts are mixed in the same list (e.g. _DISPLAY... in the Library Tree Panel Properties). Probably this is not indended - just to let you know.

Thanks for the great scripts!

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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@MojoBass. 'next' and 'previous' commands are playlist commands. I did try implementing, but, perhaps unsurprisingly, that conflicted with playlist actions. You can achieve the behaviour by using the up/down arrow keys.

It is possible to highlight the playing track and I'll try and add something for the next version unless unexpected complications arise.

To avoid properties that are mixed, clear properties before importing new scripts else properties both from the original & new script will be present. That's just how JScript panel works, unless I've misunderstood your meaning. Importing new scripts doesn't automatically clear old properties.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Hello WilB,
thanks for the hint with the arrow keys, that works well for me!
For the intended behaviour, the option 'Play on Enter or Send from Menu' should be switched on.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Hello WilB. Thanks for your great script!

Two questions:

it it possible to set the playlist name dynamically on creating (node name) (like in default album list component) when autofill is off
and is it possible to show folders before files (View by Folder Structure)


Re: Library Tree Discussion

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1) Set playlist name dynamically. Currently you can use SHIFT + right click > utilities > send to playlist. This a foobar2000 command that can be set to not require shift in foobar2000 preferences > context menu > utilities. This offers a likely playlist name or the option of editing it (works best if files are tagged). I didn't include a "Send to new playlist" command on the main menu because it can result in creating loads of different playlists that are cumbersome to then select or manage etc when simply re-clicking the tree item is much simpler + it auto-updates when the library changes. But it could be added...

2) View by folder structure uses a foobar2000 function that analyses relative paths & that doesn't display common elements of the path to give an easier to view presentation. It's the same as used in DUI album list etc & isn't user configurable. The view you require can probably be created with title formatting. Since this would likely lack the relative path handling bit how well it works may depend on the nature of your folder structure. I'm not sure that I fully understand what you want, but the following seems to be what you're asking:
Code: [Select]
View by Folder: File // $replace($directory_path(%path%),\,|): %filename%
As the above is path-based, put $nodisplay{%subsong%} on the end if you need tracks in containers like m-TAGS or cues sorted.
There maybe other ways if you look at foobar2000 title format help + also look at that if I misunderstood you.

As is usually the case you'll likely get maximum flexibility if views are created based on file tags...

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