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Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Thanks a lot for this!

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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New Version: Library Tree 2.1.0

NEW: Various display improvements.
   - New node styles.
   - New highlight models (menu... > options > show).
   - Scrollbar now auto-minimises by default + has new look button icons. Behaviour & look can be set as previous on options > scrollbar menu.
   - New root node options, e.g. it can now be set as a summary item, e.g. All (132 artists), and in-lined.
    - Align right option for item counts.
NEW: Quick setup: Three node styles with different highlight models.
NEW: Improved search
    - Option to auto-send search results to playlist (menu > options > search).
    - Shortcut key to clear search results: "Escape".
    - Option to require pressing enter before searching (menu > options > search).
NEW: Target playlist can be set to use view name.
CHG: Various optimisations.
FIX: Reported issues.

Credit: kudos to Ottodix for inspiration in reworking certain aspects of the display format.

Updating. A number of minor panel properties will be reset. Export panel properties before updating if you want a record of previous settings.
Fresh installs will load the new look (can be changed on the Quick setup menu). Existing installs should retain the original look, except for the updated scrollbar.

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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This is perfect. Thank you!

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Hello WilB,
I still very much like your script, thanks for even further develiping this!
An issue I have with 2.1.0 is the following:
Up to 2.0.2 your script showed the full 'pattern tree' (as defined in Panel Properties/pattern such as artist/album/title) with the foreground colour defined in Preferences/Display/Columns UI/Colours and fonts/Colours for 'Foreground' at 'Inactive selected items' for the currently playing title, see first and second attachment.
I liked this feature very much, as it enabled that you can select an album and then flip though the titles with 'previous' and 'next', and still the currenty played title is indicated by the above defined foreground colour for the 'inactive selected items'.

Now this feature seems to have gone (see third attachment). Any chance to get back this or a similar behaviour?

Thanks, MojoBass

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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Vanilla CUI filter component uses two playlists for browsing library: Filter Results for browsing and Filter Results (Playback) for playing. Is there a way to enable such behavior in Library Tree? Right now library browsing resets next track in current queue due to using only one playlist.

Also is there a hotkey for search via Library Tree or focus on its search bar?

Re: Library Tree Discussion

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I've reinstated ...Show > Nowplaying in Highlight for the next version.

A separate browse playlist shouldn't really be necessary with a tree viewer??? With a tree viewer you can browse by clicking nodes & so see the tracks that way within the tree view etc. Expanding nodes doesn't send items to the playlist, and so the next track in current queue shouldn't be reset. If you find that you inadvertently click on tracks, consider setting Single Click to "Select" & Double Click to "Send to playlist". By default middle clicking tracks adds them to the current playlist, and so can be used to queue tracks.

Extra hot keys are user assignable with the Spider Monkey panel index method.

1) Set Spider Monkey panel index number (1-10) for "search" by right click... > panel properties > "ADV.Hot Key..."
2) Go to foobar2000 preferences > keyboard shortcuts & assign that Spider Monkey panel index to a key or key combination.
3) Press key(s) to activate search. This activates search provided library tree has focus as that's needed for typing entries.

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